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Civil Mediation in Liverpool

Stay clear of expensive court fees by using our professional mediation services to reach a settlement in your dispute. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), as civil mediation is also known, is a way of working out matters between parties outside of court while avoiding costly legal charges. With our mediation advice, and us as a third-party, we’ll help you come to an agreement, wherever you are in Liverpool, Merseyside.

A Confidential Process

During the mediation talks, the proceedings are kept completely confidential, and are never discussed with anyone outside of the hearing. If the two parties aren’t able to come to an agreement, you are still able to go to court and the details of the mediation will not be disclosed.

Huge Benefits

Mediation is a quicker, less stressful, and cheaper option than going to court. Both parties share the costs, which fully depend on the value and complexity of the claim.

Reaching an Agreement

Once a settlement has been decided, a mediation agreement is drawn up. Parties tend to keep to this agreement, as all of the terms have been prepared by themselves.

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